House S03E16 to S03E20

S03E16: Top Secret

I was more interested in how the mystery of the patient appearing in House’s dreams would be resolved without resorting to the supernatural – and the fact that the payoff sets off a whole different storyline made it all the more fun. The medical mystery was quite boring.

S03E17: Fetal Position

Again, the medical mystery wasn’t even a mystery. This episode was more to play with the Chase / Cameron romance; and shatter expectations of who would break whose heart. (Maybe that happens later, but the setup starts here). Slightly annoyed at the emotional manipulation with the foetus grabbing House’s hand, after which he calls it a baby – I thought that was out of character.

S03E18: Airborne

What a nice conceit; though a 767 Economy flight from Singapore to New Jersey? Dei. In the hospital plot track, the hooker getting emotionally involved (as a caregiver) and the patient going on a “58 years old, time to try everything” were lovable touches.

S03E19: Act Your Age

After Season 2’s teen pregnancy and early Season 3’s incest storylines, I was prepared for something awful, and the resolution of the medical mystery gave me a sigh of relief. Shattered Chase was also interesting.

S03E20: House Training

The heavy one where the patient dies, and Foreman has to confront his relationship with his family. House actually ended up being a sympathetic guy (to Foreman, that is). He was an ass to Cuddy and Wilson as usual.

Overall impressions:

As I said, this half of the season seems to be explorations into the characters’ loneliness and trouble forming relationships more than any overarching storyline. We’ve got Foreman messing up on his own and being uncomfortable around his family; Cameron and Chase failing at romance, House meddling in Wilson and Cuddy’s relationship, be it whatsoever, the photographer who has insight into the aspects of themselves the doctors hide, and of course that interesting bit in Airborne where a hired sex worker becomes emotionally involved as a bedside companion, not a romance. In all this, there is the underlying question of what each of the characters really wants – this is something that is beginning to be questioned compared to earlier episodes where it was just being set up.

Additional insight:

I think what makes House interesting is that House’s bad behaviour is neither romanticised but nor is it set up to dismiss or showcase as a “don’t do this” aspect of a morality play. I wonder how many people will disagree with me on this.

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