Big Mouth Season 1

This is the Netflix-only animated series about teenagers going through puberty. The episodes are short, about 25 minutes each. I think this meant that I kept watching, feeling that I wouldn’t be wasting too much time. But it was a bit of a waste of time. The series seems half baked. The characters are sympathetic, but the jokes and stories seem hastily put together more than crafted. This was a series where I wanted to find out what happens next to everybody – the trouble was enduring all the really disgusting humour in the process.

I think the jokes get stretched thin. The ghost of Duke Ellington is funny the first time he appears, and then starts wearing down. The callbacks and fourth wall breaking starts to grate eventually, and so is the cutesy in-focus / blur-focus camera angle (but done in animation).

The one aspect I thought was consistently good throughout the season was that character development never stopped.

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