[Crazy Ex Girlfriend] S01E12: Josh and I Work on a Case!

IMDb Link.

Watch Date: 25 October 2018.

Man, it’s been ages since I last watched Crazy Ex Girlfriend. For a while, Elementary and (especially) House had completely taken over my TV watching habits. I think in my general exasperation with everything that’s going on, I couldn’t bear the thought of committing more time to those; and so I returned to CXG. I was also probably influenced by all the press the new season is getting. It was worth it.

There was nothing very new in this episode (though again maybe that is my mental state or mood talking and less the episode itself). Rebecca continues to spiral. Paula continues to enable her. Josh continues to be clueless; and I think this (or having been influenced by Mahima’s review and subsequent discussions with her) is making me wonder just what Rebecca sees in him. Valencia continues to be paranoid. With a less well-written series, I would be agonising at this point about how long the joke would be stretched out.

What’s new in this episode: Darrel being hilariously and adorably confused about his sexuality, and Greg becoming a little bit more self-aware.

As far as the plotting goes, I thought that both the fake date turning into a group-hang; and the water conspiracy theory were perhaps too obvious jokes. The Apollo 13 and Chinatown references were hilarious though.

This was also a palate cleanser after too many Sherlock Holmes pastiche procedural episodes.

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