[Our Fake History] Episode #74- What Can We Believe About Stalin? (Part II)

Episode #74- What Can We Believe About Stalin? (Part II)

11/10/2018 by Sebastian Major

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Stalin’s biography may be one of the most contested in modern times. As early as the 1930’s his life story was being written by friends and foes alike. The competing versions of Stalin’s past has made finding the truth particularly difficult. How important was Stalin in the early days of the Bolshevik Party? Was he a shadowy political nobody or one of the impetuous leaders of the revolution? Tune in and find out how clever pigs, Big Brother, and Michael Corleone all play a role in the story.

This was quite heavy on detail; but very restricted on theme. Again and again, the examples provided seem to point to one specific thing: Stalin was horrible, but Trotsky, and by extension George Orwell, exaggerated just how much of a monster he was. And at the same time, he was around for the Russian Revolution, but he himself exaggerated the part he played to absurd levels.

This has interesting cross-resonances with the other episode I’m listening to nowadays, Simblified on the Falsehood Firehose.

Listen Date: 16 October 2018

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