[iZombie] S01E08: Dead Air

Watch Date: 25 October 2018.

IMDb Description: Liv gains insight after eating the brains of a talk show host who specialized in relationships.

Spoilers follow:

I had taken an even longer break from iZombie than from Crazy Ex Girlfriend; and I was slightly lost coming back in. But what an episode this was in terms of plot! So much happens with the story arc over and above the victim-of-the-week; though almost all of these are cliffhangers rather than resolutions.

  1. Ravi crushing on Liv’s roommate; and actually asking her out at the end of the episode
  2. Finding out that the zombie police captain is being blackmailed by Blaine to cover up Blaine’s murder of homeless kids
  3. Major telling Liv about the coverup
  4. Two end-of-episode cliffhangers! Liv spotting Blaine coming up to deliver brains to her new boyfriend; and Ravi being bitten by a zombie rat! What now, what now!

There was nothing very special about the murder-of-the-week; except the late-in-episode sting of Ravi telling Liv that the victim had probably never had a healthy relationship in her life; and the perspective that had been maintained throughout the episode suddenly turning around.

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