[Salt Fat Acid Heat] Part 2: Salt

IMDB link.

This episode was something of a disappointment after the magnificent first episode (but after seeing Samin Nosrat speak and cook Italian, everything would have been a comedown).

Standout points:

  • Using seaweed to extract salt because Japan is too cold and wet for salt pans.
  • The reminder that the bigger the crystal, the less salty it feels in the mouth.
  • The bonkers soya sauce factory in which the owner claimed that most people in Japan had never had real soya sauce. (What r/gatekeeping right there.)
  • Seeing the ziploc bag method of seasoning, which somebody else had told me about after I cribbed about big meat cuts not fitting in Tupperware, and where I had an “Oh lord, why didn’t I think of that myself?”


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