[House] S04E02: The Right Stuff

Watch Date: 2018-11-08

IMDb Link.

The overwhelming reaction to this episode in the Trump era is mild embarassment at the Survivor / Apprentice style of interviewing being used by a bully. The major difference, I suppose, is that House is fictional and actually smart, while Trump is neither. So it goes.

To some extent it’s a pity that the elimination style interview predominates your views of this episode, because the other plot tracks are actually more engaging than the season opener was. It seemed like the writers were going for tongue in cheek mockery of both medical ethics and society and how they actually play out, and so we have the diversion into someone who is presumably a fantastic pilot and disciplined military officer struggling with having to get breast implants as the only way to be taken seriously by a bureaucratic panel, while setting herself up for years of being mocked by her peer group. Someone with a vinegary mind came up with that for sure.

Along with that, there was a theme of bucking the system. And for a change, not just House doing it. The patient does it by skipping the military medical bureaucracy and approaching House directly, and that very senior not-a-doctor but pretending-to-be-one does it as well. And House slips both of them very tiny victories.

The conversation with Cameron, though? Half baked. But maybe it’s going to go somewhere.

Also, Cuddy didn’t tell House in all these weeks that his former team members were in a department next door? Bleh, that’s stretching the suspension of disbelief.

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