[Doctor Who] S02E00 (2005 Christmas Special): The Christmas Invasion

Watch Date: 2018-11-11

IMDb Link.

I came back to Doctor Who after almost two months away from India and running into exasperating copyright issues outside India. I marked the return with David Tennant’s first full length outing as Doctor Who (though is it really a full length outing if he’s in a coma for half the special?). Anyhow, this was such an uninteresting episode that there’s very little to write about it. Quick points:

  • David Tennant seemed to be a large ham. But one who pulled it off.
  • The bringing in of Torchwood made me cringe / whimper. Franchise fatigue is real.
  • Both Series 1 and this special episode seem to have a problem of not going beyond the obvious or repeated joke. I’m specifically thinking of:
    • “Harriet Jones, Prime Minister.” / “I know who you are.”
    • Tea as the essential restorative. Oh lord, really?
  • The Sycorax were boring. What is so special about them, really?
  • Again, all political commentary being done in this episode seems too superficial. Both the last minute twist of the UK PM committing war crimes; and the Doctor’s means of taking revenge for that.

It just does not seem to have either the horrible odds or the optimism those engender anyway that were there in Series 5 and 6. So it goes.

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