[Doctor Who] S02E02: Tooth and Claw

IMDb Link.

Watch Date: 2018-11-13 (Amazon Prime Video India)

Quick Notes:

  • This is the first episode where I noticed that the chemistry between the Doctor and Rose has just exploded compared to Series 1. I’m enjoying it, especially combined with the running gag about Rose trying to get Queen Victoria to say ‘We are not amused.’
  • There is just so much eyeroll worthy technobabble. Lunar wavelengths of light! The Kohinoor as a specifically cut prism. The Kohinoor, for that matter, so obviously looking like it’s made of glass. Oh well.
  • All that technobabble was at least in the service of a very nicely knitted plot, timed just right for forty five minutes. Even with all the shots of running, there didn’t seem to be any sense of filling in the minutes, as there used to be in Series 1.
  • That’s now two episodes in a row which end with awful majesty – in the last one we had the promise of a prophesy; and in this one we have Queen Victoria slagging off the Doctor as a blasphemous horror. That it came right after the ‘We Are Not Amused’ payoff was especially striking.
  • Did Torchwood get mentioned in Episode 1? Is it going to be the big bad in the series, or is this just relentless cross-promotion?
  • And since the werewolf tells Rose that she has something of the wolf about her, is there going to be a Bad Wolf reprise?


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