[Doctor Who] S02E03: School Reunion

Watch Date: 2018-11-13

IMDb Link.

This seemed like a fanservice episode – bringing in all the Classic Who characters who I have no idea about.

The most fun thing about the episode was watching Mickey get snarky / I-told-you-so about Doctor Who and his womanising; and then the horror of his awareness that he was the modern day tin dog. On the other hand, the big speech about the Doctor staying immortal while his companions aged seemed laid on a bit too thick.

I got vague undertones of Pink Floyd and We Don’t Need No Education from the episode.

The closing sequence of the kids celebrating the school being blown up… I mean, yes, but this just reinforces the feeling that these seasons of Doctor Who just go for the most obvious or shallow joke.

The monsters themselves were super boring. But Giles as a villain! What fun!

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