[Doctor Who] S02E04: The Girl in the Fireplace

Watch Date: 2018-11-14

IMDb Link.

What a fun episode to come across right after listening to a Marie Antoinette podcast about the importance of French royal mistresses!

David Tennant’s glee at snogging the Marquise du Pomadour was quite something; as was Mickey’s continuing I-told-you-so smarminess.

In general, this episode was over the top and joyous. A horse through a window! A sexy Marquise du Pompadour! Boob window fanservice! Maintenance clockwork droids deciding that cosplaying Louis Quatorze aristocrats is the only way to get spare parts! Whatay whatay whatay.

Oh, so this is where “the slow path” comes from.

Saving the reveal of the space ship / space station being the SS Marquise du Pompadour for the end was a nice touch; and one that I suspect would have been absent in non-Moffat episodes. Maybe I’m being too much of a fanboy though.

Is Steven Moffat slightly obsessed with eyeballs? There’s the eyeball CCTV in this episode and the Atraxi ship eyeball in The Eleventh Hour.

Why didn’t the Doctor just Tardis to the MdP once he got back to the ship though; instead of using the fireplace? So it goes.

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