[Doctor Who] S02E06: The Age of Steel

Watch Date: 2018-11-17

IMDb Link.

  • Oh my god, they killed Jackie!
  • So we finally have Mickey growing as a character, all in one episode, but then he vanishes into a parallel universe, and we don’t get to see any more of the new and improved Mickey? Whatay nonsense.
  • Mrs Moore has subtle shades of that one very blonde crew member from The Matrix.
  • Rose’s parallel-universe dad is a whistleblower? What a level up.
  • Enjoying the ridiculousness of zeppelins and their being used for actual action sequences and not just as background.
  • Speaking of background, the initial shots of Battersea plant looked a little too much like a painting. Cheh.
  • The master plan really called for all of London to fit inside Battersea power plant, and not only that, for unlimited steel body spare parts to fit inside it?
  • In the above point you see how my manufacturing job means that I am happy to suspend disbelief in a wide range of areas, but when it comes to supply chain logistics…


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