[Doctor Who] S02E09: The Satan Pit

IMDb link.

Watch Date: 2018-11-20

The fact that so much happens in this episode compared to the previous one shows just how much the previous one was there for setup rather than being its own story.

We see asskicking Rose, again. Though this one is more as hands on manager who weirdly knows everything that needs doing than actual doer. I am reminded of Archchancellor Ridcully in The Last Continent.

The episode is a bit cavalier in that it just leaves Ida to die though everybody else gets a miraculous rescue. The Ood have to make do with being recorded as having died in combat with honours.

A little too much is made of the devil archetype being from before time rather than outside time. Eh, when all this is made up, does it really matter? Or is the point that the difference is going to drive a larger story arc later on?

The Doctor just convinced that Rose will escape somehow is both weirdly confident about Rose in particular when you consider what a naif she was in the previous season; and weirdly confident in general. And I suspect this confidence is because the writer couldn’t plot out a really satisfying twist in which the Doctor uses pure cunning or Batman gambits.

More Torchwood name dropping without any larger Torchwood plot. This is as exasperating / unsatisfying as Bad Wolf.

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