[Doctor Who] S02E11: Fear Her

Watch Date: Late November

IMDb link

There were two major points about this: it seemed like a rewritten version of The Idiot’s Lantern (popping into a London neighbourhood, but in the near future instead of the past), and family members disappearing (instead of having their faces stolen). The major difference is that The Idiot’s Lantern had a true villainous monster; but Fear Her’s monster (while scary) was sympathetic. I think both episodes also managed to be genuinely scary, something this season has struggled with; and part of that was by focusing on the atmosphere and environment more than on the monster. The Doctor getting trapped in a drawing did seem to raise the stakes – just a bit, though. Montages of Rose Tyler running around don’t really seem to create any tension.

Was small suburb racism / xenophobia being hinted at? Maybe it was too England-specific for me to catch it.

This was almost as good as The Idiot’s Lantern. Still a very good standalone episode before kicking off the season finale.

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