To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Goodreads link.

Start Date: 2018-11-27

End Date: 2018-11-27

I read this after watching the movie. Quick points:

  1. Huh, I thought that the movie was set in the Pacific Northwest but the book is set in Virginia. Not that it matters a great deal.
  2. The impact of the missing mother is fleshed out far more in the book than it is in the movie.
  3. While watching the movie, my darling wife thought that Josh was a fuckboi. From reading the book, it’s clear that she was correct and that the movie let that aspect of his personality slide; and even touched him up a little.
  4. I enjoyed this more than the Simonverse books as a piece of writing; and Jenny Han seemed to be more in control of her craft than Becky Albertalli. But somehow she couldn’t come up with as interesting storylines or characters as Albertalli. Maybe the later books pick up the pace on that.

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