[Tidying Up With Marie Kondo] S01E01: Tidying With Toddlers

Netflix link.

IMDb link.

Watch Date: 2019-01-12

Quick Notes:

  • I had seen the jokes and reviews before I started the series, and maybe I was expecting something much worse – but I felt that the husband wasn’t as trash as the jokes made Tidying Up husbands out to be.
  • I may have been judging the wife extra hard on two counts – all the tattoos and general basic-white-bitch vibe, and on “We hire somebody to come do laundry for us.” Sister, laundry is the least time consuming thing of all chores. All you do is dump the clothes into the machine, add detergent, and then the machine does all the work. Of course, if she includes ironing and folding in the definition of ‘laundry’, then I have no moral authority to judge her considering I outsource all my ironing myself.
  • The fact that they started with a basic-white-couple also left me feeling strongly that Tidying Up is the return of 80s American self-loathing in the face of Japanese Moral Virtue and Superiority. Konmari is the new Naktomi Plaza, as Supriya so wisely said.
  • I am annoyed at the prevailing outrage about both ‘Joy is not the only emotion you should measure something by’ and ‘You can take our lives but never take our boooooooks!’; and think that both are horrific misrepresentations of what I understand to be the base philosophy.


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