[Salt Fat Acid Heat] Heat

Netflix Link.

IMDb Link.

Watch date: sometime between 18 January and 24 January 2019, with parents and wife


  • After reading reviews, I was so excited about seeing Samin Nosrat and her maman prepare Persian food. The actual episode has so little of that that it was a bit of a let down.
  • Of all the episodes, I think this is the one that adds the least to the book. In fact, the episode even leaves out a lot that the book had.
  • Getting to see Wendy MacNaughton, and see her sketching, was a delight, though.
  • Also memorable: the snark about grill cross-hatching being a waste of meat in that it leaves a lot of meat improperly cooked.
  • So much butter in tadigh, oh my lord.




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