[Tidying Up With Marie Kondo] S01E02: Empty Nesters

Netflix link.

IMDb link.

Watch Date: 2019-01-14 (ish)

Quick notes:

  • Saw this with wife and parents. Parents were fairly amused.
  • This husband, if not actively helpful, was not actively harmful or much of a contributor to the mess (other than the baseball cards). He seemed to be the strong silent type, but at least he quietly helped out with the cleaning instead of cribbing.
  • This reinforced my feeling that the producers had picked up the most horrific hoarders to recreate a feeling of superior Japan civilising American savages.
  • Seriously, how does somebody accumulate that much Christmas stuff? How do you, while shopping, not remember that you have no place for it? I spent two days trying to politely refuse my father’s offer to buy me an electric kettle on the grounds that my kitchen has no place to plug it in.
  • I missed where these people were located, and based on the Japanese heritage, wonder if it was Hawaii. Going back to check, I still couldn’t find a location. Huh.


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