[Tidying Up With Marie Kondo] S01E03: The Downsizers

Netflix link.

IMDb link.

Watch date: 2019-01-29.


  • Oh, it looks like all the families are in California and maybe even in LA and its suburbs. Well, why not?
  • That’s a seriously nice house for a musician and a hairstylist, which makes me wonder how much Tidying Up pretties up (or if the family is heavily indebted, but eh)
  • What an extremely fit and wholesome family! Both kids and parents are both polite and friendly.
  • This was the first episode I saw where the Twitter jokes about useless husbands started making sense. But the later half of the show, where the husband becomes useful (and so do the kids), sort of undermine the jokes too. Marie Kondo is the champion of restorative justice over retributive justice.
  • In terms of technique, this was also the most useful episode yet, with its detailed description of folding fitted sheets, and general description of how to make the most of small spaces.
  • I wonder if Marie Kondo’s books use the 5S or kaizen terms. The concepts are there in the TV show, but I never hear the words.


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