[Doctor Who] S03E03: Gridlock

IMDb link.

Prime Video link.

Watch Date: 2019-02-09


  • Everybody in New New York has a British accent? Okay, why not.
  • That’s two for two New Earth episodes involving a massive conspiracy. First we had vat grown humans being infected with diseases to cure patients; and now we have an eternal traffic jam to distract people from societal collapse.
  • The “We never realised the drug would be so bad!” was a little too pat.
  • The whole concept of “What if the traffic jam never ended?” was a cool one though.
  • David Tennant is amazing at being furious; and makes Christopher Ecclestone’s angry fits look like whiny tantrums. So it goes.
  • Oho, we get exposition about the Doctor being the last of the Time Lords.
  • Martha remains super competent.
  • That hope Martha has though, when she thinks that the Face of Boe means her when he says that the Doctor isn’t alone.
  • House deals with loneliness better than Doctor Who is.


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