Episode #78- Who Are the Magicians of the Gods? (Part I)

Episode #78- Who Are the Magicians of the Gods? (Part I)


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They are few researchers as controversial as Graham Hancock. He first found fame in 1995 when he published his international bestseller Fingerprints of the Gods. In that book he first proposed his hypothesis about a super-ancient global civilization wiped out by a catastrophic event. In 2015 Hancock updated his theory in a new book entitled Magicians of the Gods. The remarkable findings at the archaeological site of Gobekli Tepe, along with a new geologic theory, have been incorporated into his hypothesis. Is it any more compelling? Tune in and find out how Gandhi, hunter-gatherers, and weird carvings all play a role in the story.

Listen Date: 2019-02-11


  • The host mentioned Gavin Menzies, and I wasn’t able to place who that was. At the end of the drive, when I looked it up, I found that 1421: The Year China Discovered the World, a book I had greatly enjoyed, was absolute pseudohistory. Oh well.
  • It seems that Graham Hancock has basically decided to find all possible evidence that supports the Robert E Howard mythos was a precataclysmic age, and desperately try to show that it wasn’t fiction. I’m surprised Simon Major didn’t mention the connection – maybe it’ll come up in a future episode.
  • And speaking of pulp fiction mythos, the earlier claim by Hancock that Antarctica was the cradle of civilisation, and that it had shifted from the equator thanks to mysterious geological processes, got me remembering Lovecraftian mythos – specifically, At the Mountains of Madness.
  • I’m amused at the thought of an Ancient Lost Civilisation guy angrily insisting that he isn’t an Ancient Aliens guy.


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