[Doctor Who] S03E07: 42

Watch Date: 2019-02-18

IMDb page.

Prime Video link.


  • This was a major improvement over the previous episodes. It was a template action episode, but still a well done template.
  • To add a little to my rant from the previous episode’s entry – the season arc isn’t fleshed out enough; so the teasers we get of agents spying on Martha and her mother feel like noise. There’s no sense of what’s motivating them.
  • The plot resolution of the living sun was semi-clever. Neither take-your-breath-away nor roll-your-eyes.
  • 42 is forty two minutes to avoid falling into the sun, possibly because it’s also the length of the episode without titles, and possibly a DNA tribute.
  • Very little to comment on in the plot, but pace wise this kept me up. Plus the pub quiz made me giggle.


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