[Star Trek: Discovery] S02E05: Saints of Imperfection

IMDb link.

Netflix link.

Watch Date: 2019-02-18


  • The avclub review of earlier Discovery episodes had talked about how every time Burnham expects to see Spock, she gets somebody else – first Pike’s new science officer, and then Amanda. Now we get Emperor Georgiou. This is running gag territory now.
  • For a change, an episode which closed off all plot threads without opening new ones!
  • Michelle Yeoh seems to be having the time of her life being eeeeeevuuuuullll.
  • This brings me into conflict with Star Trek fans who’ve watched Deep Space Nine, but I actually like what Section 31 is bringing to the show. It’s nice to have a different sort of antagonist.
  • In one episode, we get Dr Culber and Ash Tyler / Voq back on to the Discovery. What a The Gang’s All Here moment.
  • I missed Jet Reno though.
  • So we now have no further leads on where Spock is. What will the next episode do?


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