[Doctor Who] S03E10: Blink

IMDb link.

Watched on: Amazon India Prime Video

Watch Date: 2019-03-23


  • I knew about the hype, and I had already been introduced to the Weeping Angels from Season 5. It totally lived up to the hype.
  • I had also read about Moffatt being obsessed with The Time Traveler’s Wife style romances across space and time (cf Pratchett’s Pelias and Melisandre) but holy shit, this kicked things up another level; especially with DI Shipton and Sally.
  • And my god, Sally Sparrow was so pretty.
  • The angels looking each other to death at the climax was a nice touch.
  • I hadn’t known that this was the episode which gave rise to Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey.
  • Those were some intense time loops in there; how the hell did Moffatt and the other writers keep them straight?!
  • Like the Linda episode, we got an episode where the Doctor was mostly offscreen, but unlike the Linda episode, it was interesting.
  • Poor Shipton got sent back to a more racist time and poor Cathy got sent back to a more sexist time. And they both seemed to make the most of it, without any bitterness.
  • The Weeping Angels are both creepy and “How does anybody even come up with that?!”
  • Closing the episode with a montage of statues to never make us feel comfortable around public art again. Nice.


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