[Star Trek: Discovery] S02E10: The Red Angel

IMDb link.

Watched on: Netflix

Watch Date: 2019-03-23


  • Aaaaargh
  • Seriously, groan. We now finally have an explanation for why Burnham is so central (again!) to the plot. It’s an explanation that still stinks, but at least it answers the questions.
  • Why wouldn’t the Red Angel just assume that Discovery would beam Burnham up right when it became critical?
  • So this whole season is Michael’s How I Met My Mother. Great.
  • Jokes apart, this just drives the season further into X-Files territory. Instead of Mulder and his father, we have Michael and her mother.
  • I like where it’s going with this sort of psychotherapist Spock though.
  • There seemed to be a bunch of gratuitous shots of Ash Tyler’s butt. Not that there’s anything wrong with it as a butt qua butt, but it seems to drive in how flat he is as a character.
  • I remember a tweet (either from peegeekay or Nishit D) which was cribbing about Jessica Jones; and how she would start passionately making out with Luke Cage without any emotional buildup. I disagree with the tweet as it stands for Jessica Jones; but oh lord, how well it applies to this latest smooching with Ash Tyler.
  • Burnham seriously manages to do anything she wants (punch Leland! change Pike’s mind!) and not suffer any disciplinary action.
  • Emperor Giorgiou is being surprisingly nice, what’s going on with that? A payoff later or just sloppy writing?
  • In conclusion, aaaargh.


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