[Doctor Who] S03E11: Utopia, S03E12: The Sound of Drums, S03E13: Last of the Time Lords

IMDb link: Utopia

IMDb link: The Sound of Drums

IMDb link: Last of the Time Lords

Start Date: 2019-03-27

Finish Date: 2019-03-29


  • Oh my god, I take back all my complaints about Russell T Davies forcibly namedropping the Big Bad’s name into earlier episodes, whether there was a concrete connection or not. After two exasperating seasons, finally a season finale where not only do earlier episodes all tie together, so do the two earlier episodes.
  • On second thoughts… if this was all plotted earlier, it does also mean that the first two seasons were left weak just for the sake of being there for a big reveal later on. So I’m not that happy after all.
  • This season finale does make me a little less exasperated at Rose as a character. But again, it’s rehabilitation thirteen episodes after we lose the character. Couldn’t that depth have been added to her while she was still around?
  • The Master is possibly the first time a villain from the classic series isn’t unspeakably corny compared to new villains (let’s put the Slitheen aside for now…)
  • I mean, the Master was a large ham in the post-Yana avatar. I’m not sure if his giggly persona made the genocide more terrifying or trivialised it.
  • This was televised before The Dark Knight released; so effectively the Batman / Joker dynamic in TDK is ripping off the Doctor / Master dynamic in the climax.
  • The end-of-the-universe children genociding present-day humans is nightmare fuel when you start dwelling on it.
  • I am a little exasperated at how this season has relied a lot on surrounding a magic trope with technobabble to drive the plot. First in the episode with the witches, and now in the climax with everyone chanting the Doctor’s name to restore him to full vigour. It’s Fairy Tinkerbell of Gallifrey! Clap your hands if you believe!
  • The perception filter keys reminded me of the following parallels:
  • It is a more interesting take than regular invisibility
  • I feel bad about how badly Martha is treated as a character. She’s compared unfairly to Rose throughout the season, she leaves the Tardis with a broken heart (but at least with dignity), and she has to remember having lived through a genocide, while the rest of the world just gets a reboot. And I wish she was sticking around.


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