Avengers: Endgame

Watch Date: 2019-04-23

Watched in: Golden Village, Tampines Mall


  • It was boring.
  • The only bits that surprised or moved me came right at the end, after all the fighting was done. Well, also everything with Tony Stark that wasn’t superheroic.
  • To be fair, the story was okay, but when you’re trying to tell the stories of at least five people; I think it suffers terribly as a movie. A book, or comic book, or even a TV series would have worked better. Even with a three hour movie, each character’s story gets shortchanged.
  • Once spoiler embargos are over, there may be something to write about Tony Stark vs Thanos as opposite poles or approaches to the same problem.
  • I’m not sure if there was no post-credits scene or if Golden Village were rascals who cut it out and replaced it with a Huawei ad.
  • But honestly, it was so stretched thin, that there is barely anything to comment, even without worrying about spoilers.


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