[Made in Heaven] Season 1 S01E01 to S01E09

Watch Date: 2019-04-13 to 2019-04-18

Watched on: Amazon Prime Video

IMDb link.


  • I am so fucking impressed with this. It must have taken serious talent to plot out that many ongoing character arcs and fit them into an episodic series; and to pull off those last episode twists, and to have the characters fully fleshed out too.
  • I think one thing which made this series so good is that every episode, the characters would make a decision between principles and expediency, and it wasn’t always the same decision. It made the characters seem much more realistic.
  • I had grumbled throughout the series that Sobhita Dhulipala was wooden; until the last episode, where it suddenly started making sense that her poker face was repressed rage. Or maybe she is wooden, but the writing gave her an out. Either way, fantastic.
  • Arjun Mathur was fantastic as an actor all through, though.
  • How many echoes there were! I can’t list them out without spoiling things, alas. But the echoes would happen both within and across episodes.
  • Shivani thought I liked the series because it is judgmental and bitchy about rich Delhi people. She’s right. This series also joins Anvita Dutt in its taking the piss of the concept of marriage and weddings being so important at all.
  • Everybody in the series is a bit of an asshole. Karan Mehra’s assholery is muted and more off-screen, in that he blew up all his family’s savings on his club. On-screen assholery eventually shows up later in the series – though that can be understood as a teenager knowing no better.
  • Karan’s mother being an asshole comes as an unexpected surprise.
  • The nastiest piece of work in the whole series, I suppose, is Devyani Singh from A Royal Affair; and leaves you feeling that as policy you should just socially ostracise all Rajputs.
  • Jim Sarbh playing Adil Khanna is close behind in the asshole race.
  • The asshole I sympathised most with is Jaspreet ‘Jaz’ Kaur. She’s unscrupulous, breaks rules and trust, but damn, she’s an embodiment of ‘All things strive’.
  • I suppose the only character who has general purity of heart (and isn’t a wedding client) is Karan’s brother.
  • Kabir is both an asshole and smarmy (his documentary voiceover preachiness reminded me of Jughead’s expository monologues in Riverdale, for some reason); but I liked how he came through for Jazz in Episode 8.
  • Vijay Raaz’s character was a delight.
  • Shibani Bagchi looks a bit like my Savita Masi.
  • This series continues the great tradition of casting non-Bengali actors as Bong characters. Actually, it casts a lot of non-X’s as X’s. Enjoyable. Sobhita Dhulipala manages to really deliver on the accent, though.
  • I worry that a little too much of how enjoyable this series is comes from how much it lets you smugly judge other people. But at least the late-season plot twists mean that it’s breathtaking even without the cheaper thrills.
  • The NRI wedding episode was a gut punch.
  • I feel like the subplot of Karan taking on Section 377 with a solitary PIL was in poor taste, and cheapened the actual legal struggle which was such a massive team effort.
  • I hope for a second season, but man, it’ll take some committed writing and acting to match up to the first.


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