[Star Trek: Discovery] S02E13 and S02E14: Such Sweet Sorrow

Watched On: Netflix

IMDb link: Part 1.

IMDb link: Part 2.

Watch Date: 2019-05-01


  • I agree with Asawari. This was so much better than the rest of the season. But it still doesn’t make up for how badly the season has jerked us around.
  • The Enterprise classic bridge is fanservice but I like fanservice and I cannot lie.
  • Continuing my analogy of “Discovery is Harry Potter in space!”, Michael being met by Sarek and Amanda right before she makes the jump through time is like Harry meeting the ghosts in the forbidden forest, when they tell him that they’re proud of him. Admiral Cornwall is Fred Weasley. Since Ash Tyler stays back in the 22nd century, I suppose that makes him Cho Chang rather than Ginny Weasley. Tilly remains Hermione as always; and I think Jett Reno is McGonagall.
  • Were the writers for the season finale different? After gloom and doom all season, suddenly everybody was wisecracking. Georgiou, Po, the Enterprise bridge, Spock was being a sarcastic jerk in the best tradition, and so forth. I wish this tone could have been maintained the past thirteen episodes too.
  • I am beginning to get bored with stable time loops as a plot device.


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