[Doctor Who] S4E02: The Fires of Pompeii

Watched on: Amazon India Prime Video

IMDb link.

Start Date: 30 April 2019

Finish Date: 2 May 2019


  • I feel like this episode tried to make a point about the larger consequences of what the Doctor does, and doesn’t do, but wasn’t very good at it. Applause for effort, though.
  • The Latin / Celtic running gag was only funny the first time.
  • Peter Capaldi and Karen Gillan in the same episode? Whatay.
  • Rolled my eyes a bit at the idea that nobody in Pompeii knew that Vesuvius was volcanic.
  • Did they pinch the inhaling the vapours idea from the Oracle of Delphi?
  • Body colonisation seems to be a running trope. Has any Dr Who episode come out and said that human DNA is particularly amenable to being hacked this way? That would explain why aliens are always so keen to invade the Earth.



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