[Simblified] Ep. 128: How does the internet travel around the world?

Ep. 128: How does the internet travel around the world?

08/04/2019 by IVM Podcasts

Web player: http://podplayer.net/?id=67429478
Episode: http://traffic.libsyn.com/simblified/E128Simblified.mp3?dest-id=359939

In our last episode, we looked at the differences between the internet and the WWW. In this episode, we take things a step further by figuring out how exactly Facebook & Google, located in California – comes here to India. The answer, it turns out, is through a series of really long underwater cables, each of which is thinner than your hair (really!). The Simblified trio tell you all you need to know about how the internet whizzes around the world, in this shortie. Enjoy!

Listen Date: 2019-05-06

Again, nothing particularly new to learn, except that all of India’s internet is vulnerable to one guy accidentally tripping over a wire in BKC.

Apart from that, the same sort of stuff that Mother Earth, Mother Board covered; along with some dissing of satellite internet speeds.


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