Spider-Man: Homecoming

IMDb link.

Watched on: Google Play Movies

Watch Date: 2019-05-08


  • I watched it in some exhaustion after two days on the road; so I don’t think my mind was fully on and up for critiquing
  • That said, it was lots of fun to watch. I had missed the cinematic release; but the trailer for Far From Home and that delicious “Spider-man” musical sting at the end made me want to watch this. Then I found out that Homecoming features Tony Stark flirting with Aunt May and I decided to go ahead and rent and not bother waiting for a Netflix release.
  • Aunt May is amazingly capable and nurturing here, and a bit of a badass. Much like Martha Jones being so much more capable than Rose Tyler (I cannot let it go).
  • I think the Spanish bodega owner talking about Aunt May in the beginning is a nod to My Cousin Vinny. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Everyone should nod to Mona Lisa Vitto.
  • I appreciate the song in the closing credits. Also severe dei at the end credits scene. Fuckers.
  • So we had an almost-but-not-quite repeat of Gwen Stacy with Liz with the Washington Memorial substituting for the Brooklyn (?) Bridge. Well, why not?
  • Similarly, well why not for this new friend Ned who has Peter’s secret; for the suit from Iron Man; and for this non redheaded MJ. Zendaya does a great deadpan, I must say.
  • Has every boot / reboot of Spider-man movies actually never reused villains? That’s impressive.
  • Michael Keaton has played a superhero, an actor typecast as a superhero, and now a supervillain. OK then.


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