[Doctor Who] S04E08: The Unicorn and the Wasp

Watch Date: 2019-05-14

Watched on: Amazon India Prime Video

IMDb link.


  • This was ridiculous but joyously fun. Especially how, Meet the Beat-alls like, the writer kept ramming in as many Agatha Christie titles as possible. Though he achieved nowhere near the density of Meet the Beat-alls.
  • So by now, we’ve had Charles Dickens, Shakespeare, and Agatha Christie. Why not. I think the writer’s fandom was the highest for this episode though.
  • Honestly, the plot must have been that bonkers just so that it could squeeze in as much fandom as possible. And it went meta doing it. But, really, I have no problem with this. And the fact that it then neatly ‘solves’ Agatha Christie’s disappearance as well makes it even more cheeky and fun.
  • Cha, I had totally forgotten about Death in the Clouds.
  • I think I appreciate the snark about ‘They’re British, they won’t talk about it because it’s too scandalous’ more now than when I was watching the episode.
  • I suspect I would have rolled my eyes wildly if I had read this as fanfic instead of watching it. So Tennant and Tate really sold the thing.
  • The Unicorn was a cutie.
  • Getting impregnated by a shape-shifting alien wasp reinforces my theory that the reason Earth is of so much interest to aliens is because human genes seem supremely malleable.
  • Now that I know the spoilers about what happens in the end to Donna, this episode also serves as some sort of foreshadowing, I guess.


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