[Doctor Who] S04E08: Silence in the Library and S04E09: Forest of the Dead

Watch Date: 2019-05-15

Watched on: Amazon India Prime Video

IMDb link: Silence in the Library

IMDb link: Forest of the Dead


  • I loved this.
  • It somehow brought together OCD tics (you shouldn’t cross shadows), childhood fear of the dark, and drew upon The Matrix movies; all in two episodes. Wow.
  • Since some reviewers make a distinction between what is scary and what is creepy (which I don’t find that important myself) – the library and the Vashta Nerada were creepy. The scenes with CAL moaning and crying were scary.
  • Poor Donna.
  • Ah, a callback to The Doctor Dances with “On some days nobody dies.”
  • So River Song ends up backed up on a big hard drive in a library where no outsider can visit because they’ll be eaten by shadows. What a way to go.
  • Poor Donna with that last minute missed connection.
  • What an unexpected redemption for Mr Lux.
  • “Spoilers!” now has even more significance.
  • In general, this carried on the metaness of the previous episode; but now placed Doctor Who itself under examination. A show about the character avoiding spoilers of his life ahead; where the fans hate spoilers so much. Wah Moffatji Wah.
  • “And then you remembered” / “And then you forgot” – more foreshadowing? If so, this season has definitely stepped up its game compared to previous ones – just a day after I was grumbling about how it seems so much weaker than Season 3.



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