[Doctor Who] S04E11: Turn Left; S04E12: The Stolen Earth; S04E13: Journey’s End

Watch Date: 2019-05-18

Watched on: Amazon India Prime Video

IMDb link: Turn Left

IMDb link: The Stolen Earth

IMDb link: Journey’s End


  • For a change, I liked Rose Tyler. She was capable, she was taking charge, and she wasn’t hopelessly fawning over the Doctor. I think the reason the character infuriates me so much in general is that the blank slate of Season 1 suddenly became an action girl in Season 2 and we never got shown how. Looking back, I now realise that ‘Absorbing the TARDIS core did it!’ can be a lore explanation, but eh… it never really gets referred to.
  • In Turn Left, the climax is very Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Donna realises that her purpose is to die, and goes and does it. Except that unlike Harry Potter, that Donna doesn’t come back. Poor Donna.
  • Starting with The Stolen Earth, we get a total Chekhov’s arsenal of callbacks. And not just to the season, but to all seasons before it and to other series. Good heavens. This was the true most ambitious crossover of history.
  • And speaking of Infinity War, the reality bomb erasing everything is very much like Thanos’s snap.
  • I am in two minds about this grand finale crossover style. It is viscerally satisfying to see all the linkages and callbacks, but it’s also kind of lazy and exploitative. But at least this season did it much better than S1 and S2.
  • Davros made the point about the Doctor’s companions dying / killing for him that I had touched upon when I wrote about Midnight. Oho.
  • The way this closed off what happens to Rose – it was probably the best possible ending she could get; but again, I’m a little annoyed that Rose ended up being this sort of constant presence for four seasons so that we could get to this point. And as with Rose suddenly becoming an action heroine who can also build a dimension hopping cannon, we never get to see just what makes her interesting enough for the Doctor to fall in love with her.
  • Poor Donna. First she loses her life, and then her heart’s desire. Martha came off so well in comparison.
  • Captain Jack being constantly haun is a delight.
  • Finally, it’s impossible to beat the Harriet Jones dead horse any further.
  • So this is where the weeping David Tennant gif comes from.
  • So it came with a teaser of the Christmas special; but not somebody intruding into the Tardis as had happened for two specials before this. Hmm. Kind of like sitting through the Endgame credits only for a Huawei ad.


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