[Tea With Alice] David O’Doherty – Corruption and ComplexityCast

David O’Doherty – Corruption and ComplexityCast

28/04/2019 by Alice Fraser

Web player: http://podplayer.net/?id=69307818
Episode: http://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/alicepodcast/234_david_o’doherty_-_corruption_and_complexitycast.mp3

David O’Doherty is a lovely conversationalist, we talk supreme tea, the new Irish politics, idealism, corruption, conversion, complexity, incompetence, architecture and National Identity.

Find David online at @phlaimeaux on twitter.
Alice is at @aliterative as ever.

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Listen date: 2019-05-23


  • Unlike most Tea With Alice episodes, this one was far more Alice and the guest talking about what they know (so much Melbourne and sports trivia!, not to mention Ireland info) than about what they do or how they deal with the world.
  • I am prejudiced against Ireland, but David O’ Doherty managed to make it sound good.
  • The story about Alice’s grandma and her compulsive disobedience was amazing. As was Alice’s observation that this trait kept her grandma alive during the Holocaust, but made her awful in peacetime.
  • It got me wondering about whether Ireland might have seen such rapid social change thanks to the influx of tech companies after the tax breaks; and how the new immigrants might have completely changed mores; and how this might have worked only because the existing population of Ireland is tiny to begin with.
  • But then DOD’s mention of how the change started in the 80s with one woman going on TV and saying she’d had a bishop’s baby was the counterpoint to that.
  • There was a discussion of how the gay marriage and abortion referenda had depended a lot on door to door personal conversations; and how people change their minds with a story more easily than with statistics, and I just thought ‘Nope, gimme the statistics.’
  • Enjoyable schadenfreude when David O’ Doherty said that the abortion referendum had been warned of ripping Ireland apart and sparking civil war and nothing of the sort happened; and now they all watch and point and laugh at the Brexit referendum ripping apart England – except that because of the North Ireland border issue, they’ve had to stop laughing. Verrsad.


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