Always Be My Maybe

Watched on: Netflix Singapore

Watch Date: 2019-06-01

IMDb link.


  • In unintentional racism, I thought that Randall Park was John Cho right until I check the cast on IMDb. Oh dear…
  • Aren’t there any romcoms with twentysomethings any longer? Noah Centineo has brought back the teen romcom from the grave, but twentysomethings still get no representation. Alarming.
  • Asshole Keanu Reeves is funny, but a cheap joke.
  • In general, a lot of the characters were written as stereotypes and not really taken beyond that. Especially Jenny and Tony.
  • I watched this in the middle of reading Free Food For Millionaires, and I am finding it hard to keep the two Korean-American stories separate.
  • I don’t know if “I want to spend my life with you even though that life is frequently horrible” is healthy, but at least it’s more realistic than the usual romcom “Life with you can never be horrible.”
  • I kind of wish that there had been some nod to “My pretentious evolved Asian cuisine pays the bills for me to run my comfort food Asian cuisine.” Isn’t that David Chang’s business model anyhow?
  • This was kind of Bollywoodish in how much house-porn there was. All spaces were huge and filled with fashionable and huge gadgets and accessories. I really don’t think chefs make that much, even celebrity chefs. Come to that, when we had the opening scenes, I don’t think that store owners make enough to have that kind of house.


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