Free Food For Millionaires [Min Jin Lee]

Start Date: 2019-05-31

Finish Date: 2019-06-05

Book from: National Library Board, Singapore ebook

Goodreads link.


  • This was hauntingly beautiful without having a very defined beginning-middle-end.
  • The changes all seem internal to the people more than external. In a way, that’s a weird thing to say considering that Ella Shim ends up divorced, and happy with a new fiancee, Unu Shim ends up broke and lower middle class; and Casey’s younger sister is a happy mother. But with Casey herself, we see her trapped in the same cycle of burning down the ‘golden ticket’, trapped in debt; but perhaps just a little happier about it. Maybe not even happier, just more accepting of herself. Her parents don’t seem to change much. Neither does Ted Kim.
  • So maybe she shoulders the first year of college loan debt, goes to work for Sabine and inherits the store, and someday breaks out of debt. But maybe her personality takes over and she refuses to accept that inheritance too. I wonder.
  • Seriously, life just shits on all the characters here.
  • This was a bit like a more sympathetic Madame Bovary – the characters cheat but we can’t judge them that harshly for it – and more to the point, Casey’s horrifying indebtedness.
  • Finally, the world gets a credit card debt novel!
  • I feel so terribly sorry for Casey’s mother. She gets raped, and victim blames herself. Then four chapters later, Casey puts into words what I had been uncomfortably trying to say earlier.
  • Pachinko really took these themes and raised the game.
  • What a contrast Casey’s dad is to Marcus’s super supportive dad.
  • This was maximalism also, in a way. To pay attention to what the supporting characters did once they went off stage.


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