[Doctor Who] 2009 Special: The Waters of Mars

Watch Date: 2019-06-06

Watched on: Torrent Download

IMDb link.


  • I had avoided spoilers, but had still read enough discussion of Doctor Who to know that this was an episode in which ‘the Doctor decides who gets to live and die.’ I don’t think the actual episode lived up to the hype, though.
  • Blink and Forest of the Dead had taken existing creepy or scary things and dialed up the horror. This took a slightly different approach – take something ubiquitious, not scary, and make it horrifying.
  • Everybody knows that water can be scary as hell, but is used to it being either nourishing or neutral at worst. But in a way, being afraid of water on a space station is a very third world problem – being scared to bits of getting cholera, etc.
  • I was thinking all the way up to the point where the Doctor has his change of heart that the rescue would involve him plucking them out of the space station at the last second before detonation and taking them to the future so that history wasn’t changed; and the fact that he wasn’t considering this to be an extension of how the series hammers on that the Companion is the Doctor’s external conscience. Well, that didn’t happen.
  • Like Planet of the Dead, this seemed like a standard scifi adventure movie story that just got force fitted around the Doctor. Except not that force fitted, since it seems to have strong links to the rest of the mythos. But I do feel like this year of special episodes was a way for the writers to enjoy themselves with stories that didn’t have to fit an arc or theme too strongly.
  • In fact, it seems like the mirror image of The Fires of Pompeii, showing that the Doctor trying to get too big for his boots doesn’t work; and that saving somebody when they don’t want to be saved is terrible.
  • The “saving somebody important” bit then gets reversed a few Christmas episodes down the line, in A Christmas Carol.
  • Gemma Chan was looking stunning as per usual, but barely utilised for dialogue. Tsk.


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