[Simblified] Ep. 134: Wikileaks is the same as Wikipedia. NOT.

Ep. 134: Wikileaks is the same as Wikipedia. NOT.

20/05/2019 by IVM Podcasts

Web player: http://podplayer.net/?id=71202569
Episode: http://traffic.libsyn.com/simblified/E134Simblified.mp3?dest-id=359939

Julian Assange has been in the news recently – he got arrested after riding a skateboard around in the place that was actually sheltering him from arrest for a rape case, while in parallel, the US wanted to have a chat with him about all those top secret military documents that he leaked. Woah, that’s a lot to take in. So let’s break things down for you. 4 essential questions, 1 Simblified Shortie.
1. Are Wikileaks and Wikipedia the same thing? (spoiler alert: No)
2. Are Wikileaks & Anonymous the same thing?
3. Are Julian Assange & Edward Snowden the same person or colleagues or… Friends?
4. Does Wikileaks still exist?

Listen Date: 2019-06-15

Notes: none. This was an extremely basic recap of Assange, Wikileaks, Snowden, and Anonymous that told me nothing new.

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