[Flash Forward] BODIES: Switcheroo

BODIES: Switcheroo

04/06/2019 by Rose Eveleth

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Today we travel to a future where we can swap bodies with one another. Would you trade places with someone? Do you own your body?


Calvin Gimpelevich — writer, author of “Rent, Don’t Sell”
Sav Schlauderaff — PhD student, University of Arizona, co-founder Queer Futures Collective
Krizia Puig — PhD student, UC Santa Cruz, co-founder Queer Futures Collective
Susan Gelman — professor of psychology, University of Michigan

Actors: Maria — Cara Rose de Fabio Gaby — Eler de Grey New Marquis — Xandra Ibarra John — Keith Houston (also check out his karaoke nights in San Francisco)
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Flash Forward is produced by me, Rose Eveleth. The intro music is by Asura and the outtro music is by Hussalonia. The episode art is by Matt Lubchansky. Special thanks to Adria Otte and Molly Monihan at the Women’s Audio Mission, where all the intro scenes were recorded this season.
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Listen Date: 2019-06-20


  • Wishlisted the short story collection which has ‘Rent, Don’t Sell’ on it
  • Learned that ‘trapped in the wrong body’ is not really a perspective many trans people are comfortable with
  • Cartesian mind-body dualism has been mentioned a lot on Flash Forward recently, as Rose Eveleth says herself; but what about the self-body dualism in the Bhagvad Gita? Or is it not really in the Gita, but more in post-Cartesian commentary? Must investigate.
  • The essentialism discussion about gradually replacing a raccoon with a skunk is parallel to the story about the ‘Japanese samurai sword that has been in my family for generations, sometimes we change the handle and sometimes we change the blade, but it’s the same sword.’ Also see the Pratchett ripoff with a dwarf ax, plus the Ship of Theseus. And I wonder if I would end up doing exactly the same thing with a fountain pen (change the nib, change the barrel, change the cap) in my own life. Do fountain pen manufacturers even let you do that?
  • The fountain pen thing is more of an issue when you’re talking about fountain pens that are heirlooms to pass down as inheritance, I guess. In that case the thought of altering your inheritance might be so horrifying as to override any thoughts of ‘essence of fountain pen’. Would that apply to repairing an inherited watch also? Hmm, hmm.

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