[Simblified] Ep. 135: Fantastic beasts and their bullsh*t stories

Ep. 135: Fantastic beasts and their bullsh*t stories

27/05/2019 by IVM Podcasts

Web player: http://podplayer.net/?id=71790846
Episode: http://traffic.libsyn.com/simblified/E135Simblified.mp3?dest-id=359939

In the ‘footsteps’ of the Indian army’s recent Yeti discovery, we decided to delve deeper into the world of mythical beasts called Cryptids. Join the Simblified trio as they look at the legends and elaborate hoaxes surrounding the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot and even the Monkey-Man of Delhi.

Listen date: 2019-06-16 (mostly between Krishnagiri and Kanchipuram and an unfortunate Salem diversion)


  • After a long time, an enjoyable Simblified which didn’t go over things I already knew
  • The most endearing parts of the episode were the bits about American creationists hiring biologists to go to the Congo to find a cryptid and disprove evolution; and the biologist then discovering new species of algae.
  • Also the hilarious world of Bigfoot ‘research’ with Bigfoot researchers complaining that other Bigfoot researchers are frauds. I think Indian astrologers are a parallel to that.


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