[Doctor Who] S07E02: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

Watch Date: 2019-06-27

Watched on: Amazon Prime Video India

IMDb link.


  • That was pleasantly bonkers. Was the thought process behind the episode “Hey, what if we did Snakes on a Plane, but amped up both the snakes and the plane?”
  • Indian Space Agency. Eeheehehehe.
  • I had to check imdb to realise that the big game hunter was Lestrade. Oof.
  • The plot was… ehhhhh. But not bad.
  • My one criticism with both this and the previous episode is that it looks like Amy and Rory are no longer being treated as part of ongoing travels; and just being picked up and dropped off from the adventure of the week; which turns these episodes into Rory and Amy fanfic – it’s like they just exist to be mined by random unconnected writers for a cheap hit of recognition.
  • That trowel vs medpac bit was oddly heartwarming.



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