Unmarriageable [Soniah Kamal]

Start Date: 1 March 2019

Finish Date: 28 June 2019

Read on: started with a National Library Board Singapore paperback, finished on a Brooklyn Public Library ebook (left Singapore before finishing and my wife returned it before I returned).

Goodreads link.


  • I don’t mind that somebody wrote this. I do mind that the publishers sent it through without major rework.
  • The very superficial Urdufication of the names is extremely grating.
  • The book tracks the plot of Pride and Prejudice faithfully for the most part; but occasionally diverges from the plot while explicitly providing commentary on Pride and Prejudice. The commentary is more in the second half. It just feels too inconsistent. Actually, it feels like fanfic.
  • As Pride and Prejudice adpatations go, Curtis Sittenfeld’s Eligible is better; and Bridget Jones’ Diary is my favourite yet.

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