[Doctor Who] S07E05: The Angels Take Manhattan

Watch Date: 2019-07-10

Watched On: Amazon Prime Video India

IMDb link.


  • This just wasn’t as creepy as previous episodes with the Weeping Angels. I suppose the angel babies tried, but somehow I wasn’t feeling it.
  • I don’t know, the ending just didn’t work well for me considering what came before it. Picked off by one survivor after creating a paradox and saving the world? Eesh.
  • But that’s a nice bit of handwaving to say why the Doctor can’t ever see them again.
  • So now the Angels don’t kill each other when they see each other? Eh, fine.
  • How did Rory get pulled back to 1938 in the first place, though, if the paradox nuked all the angels? Another weak survivor?
  • This and the previous episode were both very high on sweet moments, but just sort of skated through on being coherent. But such sweet moments.
  • The Dying Detective – this was five years before ‘The Lying Detective’, but should have been two seasons into Sherlock, so that is possibly a Moffat connection.
  • ‘God with a face of a twelve year old’ – seems like Moffat wrote lines, but somehow the actors / director couldn’t make them land the punch in this episode. Or maybe I’ve hit diminishing marginal return.
  • After coming to terms with this half-season being an anthology in the last episode, I’m actually appreciating the little things in this episode like Amy getting lines on her face and glasses; and seeing this as an important part of the story.
  • There is really nothing like Amy and Rory for grand romantic gestures. Protecting your fiancee for two thousand years. Aging thirty six years and then agreeing to an open marriage with your younger self as the third. Destroying multiple enemy space fleets to get your wife back. Suicide pact to save the world. Giving up a life of travel just to be together.
  • Actually, that just sank in now. After buildup of how Amy and Rory just couldn’t let go of traveling with the Doctor, Amy gave it all up to grow old together with Rory. Which also (in conjunction with all the Tenth Doctor whining) shows how far she’s moved on since Series 5. A slight Tommy and Tuppence vibe, really.

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