The Drunken Botanist [Amy Stewart]

Source: Brooklyn Public Library

Start Date: 11 July 2019

Finish Date: 14 July 2019

Goodreads link.


  • I stumbled across this thanks to the Overdrive app – when I had first gotten access to the Brooklyn Public Library ebook collection, I had gone through the science section, and devoured everything that looked interesting. Two and a half years later, the Overdrive app offered me this book because I had read Amy Stewart’s earthworms book in that initial binge. And thank the heavens for that, because I loved The Drunken Botanist.
  • The book is a mix of history, cocktail recipes, and gardening advice. And will probably provide many, many quiz questions over the next few months.
  • About three years ago, I used to infuse spices into vodka; and then promptly lost the habit as I a) shifted cities and stopped socialising b) stopped drinking myself. After reading this book, I want to start doing that again – this time armed with Stewart’s insights of when to remove the infusions. Also, I realised that multiple small bottles is the way to go. (Coincidentally, about three days after finishing this book, I ended up going for dinner to a spiced rum place that did twelve different rum infusions. Electric daisy was whatay.)
  • I’ll be buying a Kindle copy for myself and a paperback for my father.

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