Deep Work [Cal Newport]

Source: National Library Board Singapore (ebook)

Date Started: 25 July 2019

Date Completed: 25 July 2019

Goodreads link.


  • The nicest thing I can say about this book is that it was like a Tea With Alice episode – more about what the person does than about what the person knows.
  • How do I put this? Cal Newport has a conclusion that seems intuitively true and which I agree with. But all his arguments in favour of it are anecdotal and more about what worked for him. This would be a good memoir. It’s a mediocre guide.
  • Unlike Digital Minimalism, which was quite clear with different things to to in terms of advice, this book meanders around possible types of focus and deep work; without ever getting into the nuts and bolts of how to go about it.
  • There is a reasonable argument made about the importance of deep work; but beyond that it seems like ‘an exercise left to the reader’.
  • I feel kind of exasperated that I stopped myself from reading or watching anything new for almost two days just so that I could get the log for this fairly lightweight book out of the way. Thank goodness it’s done now.


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