[Doctor Who] 2012 Christmas Special: The Snowmen

Watched On: Amazon Prime Video India

IMDb link.

Watch Date: 2019-07-28


  • The Doctor giving up on life altogether when he loses a companion is getting cliched. But there is a difference this time, I suppose – instead of what happened in Season 1 to Season 4 where he either dragged himself through the motions or went almost suicidal, this time he’s just refusing to get involved.
  • Living on top of a cloud is a very kids’ book piece of whimsy. Living on top of a cloud and sulking reminds me of Dream at the beginning of Brief Lives.
  • Mild eyeroll that the Great Intelligence needed to combine with human DNA to conquer the earth. Couldn’t it have managed with houseflies or cockroaches?
  • Is not telling us why Clara was both a barmaid and a governess sloppy storytelling and not closing off loose ends; or is it a teaser for the rest of the arc?
  • My Series 7 so far – get frustrated that the first half is not making any reference to the Silence. Make peace with the fact that the first half is an anthology. Get excited about the prospects of a new series arc. What is the Great Intelligence going to be, and why does Clara Oswin Oswald keep popping up through time and space?
  • “Good evening, I’m a lizard woman from the dawn of time and this is my wife.” Ahahahahaha.
  • Dr Simeon. Doctor… Simian?
  • Is “Winter is coming” supposed to be GoT winking? GoT was already out by the time this aired, no?
  • As Chekhov’s Guns go, the memory worm is kind of meh if it doesn’t have an effect, isn’t it? Or maybe not, if the point is to show the dream outliving the dreamer.
  • Egad, what if the Great Intelligence turns out to be the Doctor’s thoughts?
  • Did I miss a reference to the Great Intelligence in the first half of the season? Dammit.
  • The closing shot seems a bit like the beginning of Blink.
  • Whatay fanservice of Clara making jokes about the Doctor’s butt. A callback to The Eleventh Hour too. And the Eleventh Doctor really seems to get very flustered by kissing.


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