[Doctor Who] S07E08: The Rings of Akhaten

Watched on: Amazon Prime Video India

Watch Date: 2019-07-29

IMDb link.


  • Another Douglas Adams tribute, with mentioning the Huluvoo.
  • Every so often, the show seems to get a little maudlin about the power of crowds. The most egregious example was Fear Her, and this does the same, though maybe not as much.
  • Clara saves the day!
  • Clara also stands up for herself more than previous companions.
  • Is this the first time that a companion has had a flashback? Clara seems to be much more front and centre than previous companions too.
  • This episode seemed to really have issues with pacing – half an episode of leisurely worldbuilding, and then lots of action too quickly to feel a sense of weight.
  • The caged emotional-vampire-god has shades of Star Trek V.
  • Moffat seems really underappreciated (or maybe acknowledged and then hated for it) as a writer of sweeping and / or cheesy romantic lines and gestures. Then again, it wasn’t Moffat who wrote this episode, so that whole “the most important leaf in human history” might not have been his. But then it appeared earlier, so…


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