[Doctor Who] S07E10: Hide

Watch Date: 4 September 2019

Watched On: Amazon Prime Video India

IMDb link.


  • The 1970s! Is that a first for a modern day Doctor, to go back to a time when classic Doctors were operating?
  • Throughout the episode, I was wondering if the ghost would turn out to be Clara herself, through some Tardis or time paradox related fuckery. Nope, but we did get that bit at the end where it turns out that the Doctor is there for the psychic, not for the ghost.
  • Didn’t catch the subtext in “Every lonely monster needs his companion” until later on, when I was going through IMDb’s quotes list.
  • Both of the ghost hunting couple were very good looking, but neither could sell the love story. And following IMDb links, I discovered that there’s a Tommy and Tuppence miniseries – how to watch?!
  • This is the opposite of regular Doctor Who, in which ghosts are justified by scientific babble about psychic imprints. Here, we end up with a non-ghostly ghost when all is said and done.
  • I’m still waiting for a really standout and memorable episode from this season.
  • Clara is like Joan from the William books – small, dark, dimpled, and pretty. But much more spirited.


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